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The Pensacola area is full of animals that tend to cause problems in homes and businesses ranging from small bats to large alligators, we cover it all. Trust the trained professionals at Critter Control of Pensacola with all of your wildlife control, animal removal, and animal damage repair needs.

If you're hearing strange noises in the attic or scratching in the walls, give us a call! Bats, squirrels, and roof rats are common culprits and leave behind a big mess. You may find that once the animals have been successfully removed, your attic is in poor shape. Critter Control of Pensacola provides extensive animal damage repair services, including attic restoration. We can assess your attic for needed repairs and potential energy savings, replace insulation, and clean up any animal waste, leaving your home wildlife and health hazard free.

You may need someone to get rid of animals, like an opossum or raccoon, that are making a mess or causing damage right in front of you. Often you will have found your outside trash can emptied or overturned. These animals love to forage on your leftovers! Keep the lids for your outside trash bins on and secured to help prevent peaking the curiosities of nighttime wildlife visitors. Check for any damages to the outside of your home or signs of animal tracks to determine if you have a potential problem.

Indoors or outdoors, we are trained to tackle the pests at your home or business and make sure they won't return. Our wildlife removal experts are on call 24 hours a day to deal with your wildlife control emergencies.

We service residential, commercial, municipal and industrial clients throughout the Pensacola area. Call us and schedule your inspection today.

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Critter Control is a nationwide company, and as such, the presence of the material on this local site does not imply that your local office can offer every service for every animal listed here. Please call 1-800-CRITTER (274-8837) to see if the local office can handle your situation.